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Calin Wants to Live



This story is about someone who believes that his child can be healthy when he will be ready.

The days are counted for our child, which was born on the 30th of November 2004; he is very ill and we found out that he has a severe malformation of the heart (tetralogy of Fallot – we found out about this disease after a year and a few months after he war born) and then, when he was four years and a half, that he has a autism spectrum disorder. Meanwhile, we tried to get the little one to a surgery in Târgu Mureș (because it was recommended to us) and we are borrowing money every were we can, with the hope that, after all the investigations, our child will have the surgery and everything will be fine. But we are being reprogrammed, delayed; we managed to get him hospitalized once, but when they saw that he has an autism spectrum disorder, we were postponed again, with the excuse that the child is not cooperative (he is not talking, he can’t go to sleep very easy etc.) and that we have to treat this disabilities first.

Meanwhile we found out that the child needs to get the surgery first and the time it’s critical, because after the age of 6-7, if you don’t do therapy for autism, the recovery it’s almost impossible. Our financial situation is very bad, because we borrowed money everywhere- in banks, with all our friends, and my job as a pharmacist assistant is on stand-by because I am in maternity leave for 6 years to take care of my son. What I am saying is that we are common people and this unfortunate situation has found us in the position of not having the amount of money that could save Călin’s life!
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